When should my child have their first check up? When is a good time to see if my child needs braces?

After giving birth, mums should come in for a check-up to make sure their oral health is satisfactory. At this appointment, oral care for babies will also be given. A child’s first check-up should be when most of their teeth have come through (approximately 1 year old). The younger a child is exposed to proper oral hygiene, diet and a fun dental practice environment, the less likely they will develop a fear but also less likely they will need treatment such as injections and fillings.

Facial and dental development occurs from the moment your child is conceived. Habits such as thumb sucking, dummy use, tongue thrusting, tongue tie and prolonged bottle feeding have adverse affects to your child’s face and teeth.

These development problems need to addressed immediately as children do not simply “grow out” of facial developmental problems. By 10 years of age, facial growth is near completion so must be addressed prior.

If your child is older than 7years and still has not had their first check-up, make an appointment immediately!

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