Is your tooth problem a symptom or the cause?

Great interview with American ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist Dr Stephen Park.

The problem with modern medicine and dentistry is that we are too focused on the symptoms and not the cause. Dentistry has become a reactionary type of field – if the tooth is dirty, you clean it; if it has a hole, you fill it; if it’s hurting, you take it out or get a root canal therapy; if they’re crooked, you get braces. However the cause is hardly investigated upon and in this day and age where health fund schemes and corporate companies have flooded the health profession, the time required to thoroughly undergo a comprehensive examination is no more.

If there is a problem with your teeth, the mouth should not be the first place to look. The role of the airway and breathing is underestimated and unfortunately overlooked. A holistic approach examining both oral and general health is crucial to achieving a healthy smile.

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