Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the quickest way to improve your smile, giving an almost instantaneous cosmetic improvement.

There are increasingly more beauticians and whitening booths undertaking this procedure illegally across Australia, and in our experience the results have been destructive to the person's teeth.

Before any whitening takes place, a thorough screen must be completed to make sure there are no cavities present in the teeth. If undetected and the whitening procedure takes place, it will exacerbate the condition, causing the tooth to die. If the tooth dies, either root canal therapy or an extraction is required.

Another scenario we commonly see, is when too high of a concentration of whitening gel is placed on the gums causing a burn and a loss of gum. When this happens the gums are permanently damaged and dissolved away.

Take home vs In-office whitening

Take home whitening involves the use whitening gels placed in a professionally made, customised whitening tray for 1 hours every night. This may be helpful, when "topping up" or for a mild transition only. Trays need to be worn until the desired shade is achieved and may take anything from a few days to weeks.

In-office whitening, is approximately a hour procedure, where the results are nearly instantaneous.

There are many whitening systems on the market and different companies claim different results. They also claim that the magic blue light that is used makes all the difference. The truth and reality is that these blue lights only help heat the teeth causing them to dehydrate and appear whiter.

Research has proven time and time again that these blue lights actually play no part in the efficacy of the whitening gels that are used – it is just a blue light. Short term result show that when in-office whitening is completed with the blue light compared to no light, the teeth are whiter due to dehydration up to approximately 3 days. Long term results after 3 months show no difference.

However, when used in conjuction with a real laser, the whitening gels become activated, penetrating further into the tooth providing outstanding and superior results in a shorter period of time.

Laser and Ozone Technology

At the Healthy Smile Centre, when whitening procedures are undertaken in conjunction with laser or ozone technology, the whitening gels are allowed to penetrate further, allowing more oxygen molecules to penetrate further and break the bonds more effectively between stain molecules.

Internal Teeth Whitening

When the nerve in a tooth dies, due to a lack of blood supply, the teeth change to a dark grey/ black colour. This can be quite unsightly and cause the focus of attention of your smile on to the darkened tooth. Even after root canal therapy, the colour does not change. One conservative method to alleviate the problem is to whiten the teeth from inside the tooth. This is a delicate and tricky procedure, however when done well, has great results restoring the whiteness in the dead tooth.