Cosmetic Dentistry

While our main focus is creating healthy smiles, we also help patients achieve beautiful smiles too. We provide patients with several treatment options to achieve the desired result and of course, we will provide options which are the most conservative for the situation.

We all want to look younger and maintain our youth. We spend millions each year on  facial creams, drink  products not even our pet dog would drink, buy clothes then come home and wonder why, and, inject our faces with dermal fillers and botox, all in the name of finding that elixir of youth.

However, all these “answers” are not solutions and are not permanent. We need to understand that ageing is a natural process we need to grasp however, there are ways to age gracefully.


Straightening your teeth may help you look younger but people with dentures have straight teeth – we want a natural smile.

As long as you have healthy gums and teeth, you can have braces at any age. When you undergo orthodontic treatment with the revolutionary Damon system, you not only straighten but affect the facial bones and soft tissues as the skull is a 3D structure – what we call a bracellift. With our skill we can transform your teeth into a great, natural smile giving you that youthful look. Click here for more informations

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most conservative and easiest way to improve a person’s smile. There are two ways to do this – “take home” kits or “in-chair” whitening procedures. Take home kits are effective but take longer to work. In-chair whitening procedures often end with instant results. At the Healthy Smile Centre, we utilise ozone technology plus real lasers (not just a gimmicky blue halogen light) for our in-house procedures to kick start the whitening process for an even better result.

Metal fillings

Amalgam fillings were commonplace in dentistry many years ago. With advancements in technology, tooth-coloured fillings are now preferred over unsightly metal fillings.

Amalgam fillings can now be replaced with a variety of materials including porcelain and ceramic, restoring a more natural appearance.

Metal filling before

Metal filling before

Metal filling after

Metal filling after