Creating healthy smiles for life

What is a healthy smile?

Is it a big bright white smile? No. A healthy smile is one that is disease free, pain free and working harmoniously with the rest of the body. No mouth breathing, no snoring, no grinding nor clenching. This is what we strive to achieve with every patient at the Healthy Smile Centre and do so by aiming to find the cause and not just simply treat the symptom.

Vision 80/20TM

At the Healthy Smile Centre, we are serious about what we do – creating healthy smiles for life. Our goal for all patients (especially those who are under our care from an early age) is to have a minimum of 20 natural teeth by 80 years of age.

Healthy Smile for Life Program

We understand that it is confusing to choose which brand, brush, toothpaste or anything dental for that matter, for your own personal oral hygiene. Companies are spending big dollars on marketing and newly designed toothbrushes regularly being released. Dental products take up almost half a shopping aisle in some supermarkets, so how are you supposed to know what is best for you?

We have access to all dental companies and do our own un-biased market research on a regular basis – so we know which products are best for each individual.

As part of our service, commitment and dedication, besides thorough examinations and assessments, providing patient-specific tailored treatment plans, and working closely with a selected team of dental and medical specialists when needed, all patients who attend their regular maintenance appointments as advised, become automatically enrolled into our Healthy Smile for Life Program – we will advise which products are best for you, keep you updated on latest developments, and also source and supply these products to you.

Healthy Smile 4 Kids Program

The Healthy Smile 4 Kids program is an initiative started by Dr Simon Lee. After seeing thousands of children under his care over the years, he was disappointed to see many children were unaware of the basics of proper oral hygiene. Good habits must be introduced and encouraged at an early age as possible.

As a result, upon opening the Healthy Smile Centre, he created the Healthy Smile 4 Kids program which involves visiting local child care centres and primary schools and teaching children about the importance of proper oral hygiene.

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