Mercury Filling Removal

Amalgam (metal) fillings were commonplace in dentistry many years ago.  They are becoming less favourable for patients due to cosmetic reasons however for us, at the Healthy Smile Centre, the reason for warranting removal is a functional issue.

cracked tooth

While metal fillings do last many years, we find on a daily basis they cause teeth to crack and fracture, requiring crowns or even removal of teeth. The reason is not due to mercury content but due to the fact they are not bonded on to the teeth. They are prepared so that the base is wider than the top, locking the filling in like a cork in a wine bottle. Couple this with biting forces and natural “wear and tear”, the stress and strain on the tooth eventually propagates hair line cracks which inevitably become large cracks. Unfortunately, unlike a broken bone, the fracture in a cracked tooth will never heal.

Early cracks may not hurt however, may  initially cause sensitvity upon biting and eventually be excruciatingly painful.

If you have any amalgam restorations and are concerned about cracks in your teeth, call Healthy Smile Centre immediately for a thorough examination.