A comprehensive clean from a dentist in Erskineville that has you smiling from ear to ear

Nothing quite feels as good as having your teeth professionally cleaned. If you’re anything like most people, you cannot stop running your teeth over them, especially in those places where plaque or tartar had begun to build up.

It is important to have your teeth cleaned every 6 months to make sure that harmful bacteria that can create plaque and tartar is completely removed from the mouth. Brushing, flossing and rinsing alone are great ways to maintain a good level of oral health, but a dentist in Erskineville has the tools and techniques to ensure that teeth are completely cleaned and remain in tip top condition.

By speaking with one of us about having your teeth professionally cleaned, you are doing one of the best things you can for your oral health. We are non-judgemental and friendly here and encourage you to tell us if you are embarrassed about your teeth or have any degree of dental anxiety.

We will do all that we can to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit with us. We make it a priority to inform all of our patients about the preventive dental care that you should perform at home and what we can do for you to make sure your mouth remains healthy and your teeth remain strong for life.

What is a 5 stage hygiene clean?

We take pride in applying our knowledge and expertise to a system that ensures that you walk away with teeth that are thoroughly clean and healthy. By providing you with a comprehensive appointment that is completed with careful precision, we make sure that you walk away with fresher breath and cleaner teeth and gums.

A hygiene appointment with your dentist in Erskineville usually lasts around 40 minutes. We do not schedule appointments for a hygiene clean shorter than this, as we do not believe that a comprehensive cleaning can be done in less time.

First, a machine is used to remove the stubborn tartar from above your gums, under your gums and around your teeth. Brushing does not remove tartar and this needs to be removed by special equipment.

Hand scaling then provides that attention to detail that is needed to make sure that no residue has been missed. It is also a priority to remove tartar build-up from between the teeth, as many of our patients need to have interproximal fillings due to build-up occurring here.

A professional flossing follows this scaling which flosses all contact points between teeth and gums. The cleaning is finished with a professional polish which leaves teeth feeling silky smooth and polished. We polish all teeth surfaces with a stain remover which can leave teeth looking whiter and brighter.

Should you have any concerns regarding this treatment, we do welcome you to discuss these with a dentist in Erskineville upon making your appointment. We are non-judgemental and enjoy catering to those who suffer from dental fear, aiming to create a calm and friendly environment in which to help them to overcome their anxiety.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.