A forward-thinking dentist in Erskineville

Dentistry is a rapidly advancing area of healthcare. It has seen significant changes since the start of the digital age, and much of our equipment and materials have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. For example, did you know that 3D printing has been producing teeth-straightening devices since the late 1990s?

It’s great to know that dentistry has moved forward so much in terms of materials, equipment and techniques, but what about knowledge and attitudes? Well, one way attitudes have changed is that dentists, including your dentist in Erskineville at the Healthy Smile Centre, have changed their thinking towards teeth.

Teeth for life

Whereas only a few decades ago, dentists were pretty gung-ho about removing teeth, just like doctors were about taking out your tonsils, today, our main focus is on preventive dentistry, and our motto is ‘teeth for life’.

We strongly encourage all our patients to come for a check-up at the dentist in Erskineville at least twice a year. We see the check-up as part of a partnership with you. Your bit is to brush and floss twice a day, and to turn up for check-ups, so that, if there are any issues going on, we catch them before they do any real damage. Every tooth that stays in your jawbone for as long as you live is a victory for us, every one that comes out is a bit of a failure (although if it comes out when you’re 83, we won’t be too downhearted).

Part of the system

This is the ethos of dentistry all over the world now. With regard to ‘teeth for life’ Healthy Smile Centre is nothing special. But there is another way we do things that sets us apart from any other dentist in Erskineville and that is the way we approach your mouth. We see it as connected to the rest of your body and we treat it as such. If you come to us for braces, we won’t just look at your wonky teeth, we will want to look at how you breathe, the structure of your face and more. Holistic dentistry is what we do here, come and try it.