Are you on the hunt for a new dentist?

Have you decided to switch family dentists? Have you recently moved to the area and are seeking to find a new dentist in Erskineville? Is your current dentist unable to solve a problem for you? Have you avoided the dentist most of your life, but you are hoping to start to go to routine visits? Regardless of your reason to seek out a new dentist, our team here at Healthy Smile Centre is eager to welcome you to our dental family.

Why choose Healthy Smile Centre to be your dentist?

Finding the right dental clinic to get you or your family excited to visit the dentist in Erskineville does not have to be such a challenge any longer.

At our dentist in Erskineville, our team firmly believes that your oral hygiene and overall well-being are deeply connected. Visiting the dentist is not just about a yearly cleaning and check-up; just like visiting your GP, it is another important way to take care of and protect your body. And we want to instill that mindset into our patients. Which is why is it very important to bring children to the dentist. The younger we can instill healthy oral hygiene habits, the less complications they will have later in life with their teeth and overall health.

Protecting teeth before it is too late

We believe preventive dentistry is the answer. Many people are very proactive about brushing and flossing, but it is easy to miss signs of decay at home. This is why it is important to visit the dentist in Erskineville to protect your teeth, as the dentist has both the training and tools to see the smallest signs of decay before they can drastically damage your teeth.

What about existing pain?

But, of course, if you are already dealing with pain, broken teeth, or decayed teeth, then our team will gladly walk you through all the options you have to restore your smile and have you living pain free in no time. Whether you are interested in realigning your teeth, whitening your teeth, or replacing your teeth, then our team will find the best solution for you all with your budget.

All treatment carries risk. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.