Beat your nerves on your first visit to our dentist in Zetland

Being nervous when you visit a dentist is completely understandable, as it’s a very common fear people have, but we have several solutions to help you keep those nerves at bay so you can enjoy your time with us, while undergoing your treatment. Here are a couple of the solutions we may recommend when you stop by to see our dentist in Zetland.

Talk to us

We really can’t stress enough how important it is that you talk to us as much as you can when you come in. Let us know how you’re feeling and what we can do to make you feel more at ease in the practice. Or if you’re nervous about talking to our team, then you can try creating a way of signalling us that you need a break. Just raising your hand, or even making a noise, will let our dentist know you need to pause for a while. We’ve seen it all before and we want to make our patients as comfortable and anxiety free as possible.

Our team, at the Healthy Smile Centre, will strive to ensure your visit is as stress free as possible. We will take things at your pace and will only continue with your approval. After all, a visit to the dentist should be a positive event in your life.

Practice breathing techniques

Another tip we have is to try learning some breathing techniques, to help keep your anxiety levels low, such as slowly breathing in through your nose, then back out through your mouth. This allows you to focus, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and over time it will calm you down, as the influx of excess oxygen breaks down the Adrenaline spike in your system that’s making you feel nervous.

Just slowly breathe like this until you start to feel yourself calming back down, then let your dentist know to continue with your treatment.

Bring in a plush

It may seem a bit strange, but bringing in a soft, fluffy friend to hug is a great way to keep those jitters at bay. Having something familiar from home helps to distract your mind and if there’s any discomfort from treatments, such as implants or crowns, you can feel better by having something to squeeze.

Although, you can rest assured that our dentist in Zetland will always try to limit any discomfort during treatments when we can.

Listen to your tunes

If you are still a bag of nerves when you turn up at the practice then there is another technique you can try to calm yourself down; you can listen to your favourite tunes. Having a familiar or distracting rhythm in your ear is a good way to take your mind away from what’s going on in your mouth. Although, do try to pick something calming, as thumping techno or screeching heavy metal will just get your heart racing and could make you feel worse.

Each of these techniques are in their own way a great way to keep those pesky nerves at bay when you stop by the practice for the first time. So why not try a few of them out for yourself?

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.