Best and worst foods for your teeth

Eating sweets is a pleasure that makes us feel guilty by the last bite, mostly because we think of all the calories we have consumed. Unfortunately, sweet treats have negative effects on our oral health as well. Limiting processed sugar and sweets as a preventive measure against tooth decay and gum disease is a great strategy for children and adults alike. However, it is not always realistic.

If left untreated, cavities and gum disease can cause many problems in and they can cost a lot of money in the long run – that’s why at Healthy Smile Centre we are all about prevention. Consuming sweets without restraint and having poor dental hygiene will lead to tooth decay and other serious dental problems. Plaque will continue to grow, cavities will being to form and the dentist in Alexandria may not be able to do as much to protect your teeth before it’s too late.

What foods should I avoid if I want my teeth to remain healthy?

Once you visit us, our dentist in Alexandria will ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle and diet. Chances are that you are consuming foods that are really bad for your teeth and gums and knowing about them will help you develop even better nutritional habits. Foods such as sour candy and carbonated drinks contain a lot of acids that are tough on your tooth enamel. Chewy sweets stick to your teeth for long time and are more likely to cause cavities. On the other hand, alcohol can dry out your mouth, reducing the amount of saliva in your mouth and encouraging food to stick to your teeth. Last but not last, chewing on ice is a very unhealthy habit that can cause chipped, cracked or broken teeth, or even loosen your dental restorations.

Fight cavities with the right food

If you are serious about your dental health, you may wish to follow the instructions of your dentist in Alexandria and stick to healthy foods, which are great for your teeth. These include cheese, milk and plain yoghurt, which are rich in calcium, plenty of water and fiber-rich fruit and vegetables.