Care from my dentist in Erskineville during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a tumultuous time during a woman’s life. Your body is making miraculous changes during a very short amount of time, which of course takes a huge toll on the expectant mother.

Hormones can make us crave strange combinations of food or feel like we cannot get enough of a certain flavour, resulting in the occasional binge of watermelon and cheese at midnight.

Needless to say, you need to have regular check ups with your doctor to ensure both the health of you and your baby are doing great. We sometimes tend to forget that the body is a holistic machine however and that the effect of one condition can have an impact on the entire body.

We understand the stresses that pregnancy plays on your body and in particular, to your teeth. During pregnancy, it is important that you also have regular visits to your dentist in Erskineville so that we can frequently assess the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums to ensure that there is no issues arising due to your pregnancy.

What can pregnancy do to my teeth?

We do not only pay attention to what you eat during pregnancy and have concerns for this. Sure, if you begin to eat plenty of sugary food or crave orange juice then this may have a negative impact on the health of your teeth and we will work together to take steps in preventive care to ensure that you do not create any lasting damage to your health because of this.

The real concern that we have is that progesterone, a sex hormone produced by women, can be raised up to 10 times higher than normal levels whilst you are pregnant. This changes your response to toxins and can make you more susceptible to the many forms of periodontal disease.

It is quite common for pregnant women to feel some effect on the health of their teeth towards the later stages and end of their pregnancy. If they have not visited a dentist throughout the term, more serious issues can arise that could well have been detected, monitored and prevented before such painful complications arose.

Otherwise known as pregnancy gingivitis, we understand the reasons behind the cause of periodontal disease and can assist you to work with and overcome the symptoms.

Pregnancy granulomas can occur on part of the body; often on the upper gums. These are not dangerous but can cause some discomfort and it is comforting to know what the growths are should you discover one. A discussion with your dentist in Erskineville will enlighten you on what they are and what can be done about them.

Other conditions associated with your pregnancy include having a dry mouth or even some tooth erosion caused by morning sickness. If you are unwell often during the first trimester of your pregnancy, you may be exposing your teeth to acid which can quite quickly wear down teeth.

You are always welcome to come and talk to one of us about any concerns you may have during this time.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.