Children’s teeth: tips on brushing techniques and when to see the dentist in Zetland

We see patients every day with all kinds of dental issues. These problems differ

from person-to-person, but all dentists agree on one thing, that many complications could have been prevented if optimal dental health and hygiene had been practised from childhood.

So how do you, as a parent, get your children interested in keeping their teeth clean? And how do you know if you are doing a great job in keeping their milk teeth strong and in good condition? Read on to find out how best practices in cleaning started in early childhood, lead to a healthy relationship with their permanent teeth.

How can our dentist in Zetland help you?

Many dentists in Australia and beyond at the end of every dental appointment might leave you with vague instructions to, "better clean your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing".

But how do you know if your methods of cleaning are correct, and better yet, how do you know if you are teaching your children correctly?

We put in the time to educate you not only about your teeth, but your children's, with demonstrations of recommended techniques and handy advice that can improve the teeth cleaning experience and hopefully make it pleasurable for both parent and offspring alike.

When should I start cleaning my child's pearly whites?

At approximately the age of six months your child will start teething, which is when their first milk teeth begin to appear.

Even if there is one tooth, parents should brush it twice daily with children's toothpaste. Fluoride is a mineral found in nature that works well in removing plaque and keeping teeth clean, but too much of it can damage the enamel. So be sure to squeeze pea-sized amounts onto your baby's toothbrush and no more.

When should my child start brushing their teeth by themselves?

The end goal is for children to brush their teeth without supervision, but as any parent knows, they can be easily distracted and might not brush thoroughly or adequately for the full two to three minutes.

Up until around the age of seven, you should guide your child's teeth-cleaning habits by showing them how to brush properly, watching them clean on their own to see if they are doing it right and finally, by performing a final sweep to remove plaque they might have missed.

What toothpaste should I use for my child?

Fluoride is the key ingredient of all toothpastes - its role in keeping sets of teeth clean is pivotal, because it prevents cavities, strengthens weakened enamel and can help reverse the effects of early tooth decay.

That said, a concern parents have, especially ones with young children or babies, is using fluoride to clean milk teeth, because of the risk of toothpaste being accidentally swallowed.

Let us start by debunking the myths; swallowing fluoride is not advised, but is okay in very trace amounts. At younger ages, you should only be using smears of toothpaste anyway.

At the same time, children's toothpaste contains less fluoride than those for an adult. Chat to our dentist in Zetland if you need a recommendation or advice on children’s toothpaste.

We value our little patients! Schedule their first appointments with our dentist in Zetland, so that they learn to optimise their dental health and hygiene early on.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.