Dental care for seniors is equally important

There are many types of dental patients. Some people visit the dentist religiously for check-ups and cleanings and enjoy better oral health than the rest of the population, while others visit the dentist only when problems occur. In general, frequent dental visits have proven to be beneficial in many levels, especially as you age.

If you have an established dental routine and visit the dentist at least bi-annually, chances are that your teeth and gums will remain healthy regardless of your age. However, visiting the dentist in Alexandria may become more complicated for elderly patients.

At Healthy Smile Centre, we welcome older patients for all types of dental treatment – whether preventive, restorative or cosmetic. We firmly believe that older adults should have the same opportunities for healthy teeth as younger people and our dentist in Alexandria will do their best to improve your oral function and quality of your life.

Why are elderly patients different?

Good dental hygiene is vital to overall help and can also help prevent or monitor various chronic illnesses. However, providing dental care to seniors can be challenging. Some senior patients are reluctant to visit the dentist because they haven’t taken proper care of their teeth in years, whereas others may have arthritis, disabilities or other help problems that prevent them from taking good care of their teeth. Even if someone has taken good care of their teeth and gums throughout their life, chances are that due to problems related to old age this has changed.

How can a dentist in Alexandriahelp?

As dentists, we encourage our elderly patients not to neglect their dental visits. However, we appreciate that due to practical reasons, this is not always possible. Instead of leaving these people without dental help and treatment, we rely on their family and caretakers to ensure that they receive proper dental care when needed. Moreover, we ensure that our dentists are trained in how to treat elderly patients.

Dental care has no age

Elderly patients who have loads of medical issues can find it painful to take good care of their teeth and the dentists need to be patient in providing dental care to them. Ultimately, the patience pays off.