Dental visits when you’re an adult: what to expect at the dentist in Zetland

Have your gums been feeling sensitive lately? Do you hate your yellow teeth? Or do have a feeling that your general oral health is suffering? If so, then perhaps it is high time to see your dentist in Zetland for a checkup. Our practice, the Healthy Smile Centre, is ready to help you by correcting your dental issues, or if nothing else, to double-check that your mouth, teeth and gums are in mint condition.

I have dental phobia, how can you help me?

It is normal to feel nervous about your upcoming dental visit, but avoiding the dentist in Zetland and putting your oral health at risk speaks of a bigger issue.

Dental phobia and bad teeth go hand-in-hand. Not seeing your dentist in Zetland for months-on-end can lead to small issues becoming more significant, and living with a complicated problem can exacerbate your avoidance behaviour even further. As you can see, an endless cycle is at play that, in a worst-case scenario, could result in you losing teeth or worse.

  • So how can we help you overcome this fear?

We cannot stop you from being nervous or anxious, but we can make your visit with us more comfortable and pleasant. We also offer sedation to our extremely fearful patients, which helps to relax them without knocking them out.

Our dental team are not only highly skilled at their jobs, but they are also highly personable people who are empathetic, compassionate and understanding of your plight. If your perception of a dentist is a masked figure with a cold persona, who cares little for your wellbeing, let us dismantle this belief for you with our attentive and personalised care.

I only see the dentist occasionally, is this problematic?

All dental practices will recommend you see them twice a year because the state of your oral health can change rapidly, within a few months.

Plaque is a silent problem that impacts your gums, teeth and underneath to your jawbone. It must be removed from your mouth through thorough brushing and flossing and also by seeing your dentist regularly for a professional clean.

Despite adhering to a cleaning routine, plaque sometimes hides in the small spaces between pearly whites that are difficult to reach with a standard toothbrush. Our hygienist uses instruments that are small enough to reach these spaces and is able to scrape hardened plaque from the surface of your pearly whites.

We might find issues more severe than plaque build-up, but rest assured that you are in the best hands possible.

What dental issues are most commonly seen?

We see a variety of issues every day, with most of these stemming from poor dental hygiene.

There is so much information online on the importance of looking after one's teeth and gums, yet people are neglecting their pearly whites because dental health is not prioritised the way it should be. We also find that people know that taking care of their oral health is important, but not exactly sure why.

If you do not brush your teeth twice a day for two-to-three-minutes, followed by compulsory flossing, you are putting yourself at risk for a wealth of gum issues and cavities which are not fatal but could seriously impact your life.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.