Do it for the kids

As parents it isn’t too much to say that almost everything we do is for our kids. We want them to enjoy a healthy, happy life and avoid the pitfalls that we may have fallen into. So, if you’re not a fan of visiting the dentist or have had a bad dental experience in the past, make sure your child gets the chance to build a positive relationship with their dentist in Alexandria.

At Healthy Smile Centre we provide children’s dentistry that does more than look out for their teeth. As your child grows their body will be going through lots of changes. Their adult teeth start developing from birth, hidden away beneath the gums, and what's going on in their mouths will have an impact on their airways, breathing and posture. Our dentist in Alexandria will keep a close eye on all of this, noting any potential future problems and providing prompt treatment so your child can avoid invasive and costly procedures later in life.

What do we do just for the kids?

We provide several treatments tailored just for children. Here are 2 in particular that can help protect the health of your child’s teeth:

· Fluoride applications, this is where we paint fluoride over the surfaces of your child’s teeth to help mineralise them, which gives them added protection against decay at a time when they may not yet have mastered toothbrushing but are still big fans of all those sugary treats

· Fissure sealant applications, this is where we apply tooth-coloured sealants onto the biting surfaces of your child’s teeth, which again will help prevent decay as the tiny grooves on the biting surfaces can be especially difficult to clean properly with a toothbrush.

When should you bring your child in to see us?

It really is never too early to bring your child in to see our dentist in Alexandria. You can even bring them along before their teeth have come through when you pop in for your own dental appointments. This will help them get used to the environment. When their teeth start coming through, it’s time for them to get to know our dentist in Alexandria, who will always take a friendly, unhurried approach.