Education is everything

What do you want from a dentist in Erskineville? Fillings? Dental hygiene? Regular check-ups? Dentures? Cosmetic work? Braces? All these treatments and many others are, or course, an important aspect of dental work.

But here at the Healthy Smile Centre, our dentist in Erskineville believes there is something that’s even more important, and that’s education. Our dentists are passionate about their work and more than anything, they want their patients to maintain happy, healthy teeth for life. It may sound strange coming from a dental surgery, but we would rather not have to perform lengthy corrective and restorative procedures on our patients. We would much rather help you to keep your teeth healthy and prevent problems before they occur.

How do we do this? Well, we don’t just leave it at, ‘you need to floss more’. The appointment slots with our dentist in Erskineville are long enough to give thorough and detailed advice on exactly how you can maintain your teeth between check-ups. After all, you sit in the dentist’s chair only 2-3 times a year and you are with your teeth every day. We see it as our key responsibility to advise you on how you can look after your particular set of teeth.

Because you see, everyone is different, and each smile presents a unique challenge. Our dentist in Erskineville extensively tests dental products (90 different types of toothbrushes and counting) to make sure they can recommend the one that is right for you.

As well as 1:2:1 education, we also educate other health professionals and our community as a whole, through seminars and our in schools programme. We know that if we can instil healthy dental habits in children, it’s going to set them up for a lifetime of great oral health.

And our passion for education doesn’t only extend outwards. We also make sure that our clinical staff are update to date with the latest skills and knowledge and complete more than their required amount of continuing professional development.

Call into our dentist in Erskineville today to find out more. You could end up learning something that will help you keep your teeth healthy for life.