Finding a dentist in Alexandria

When you move to a new house there are hundreds of tiny tasks to do. Find your local supermarket, check out the best places to park in town and register with a doctor and dentist in the area.

Pay us a visit here at the Healthy Smile Centre and we can check one of those tasks off your list. We’ve been serving patients in the suburbs of Sydney for many years and we believe that our focus on education and prevention is what makes us a dentist in Alexandria who is worthy of your attention.

Our approach

Our dentist in Alexandria believes that it is possible for you to keep your teeth for life. Dental disease is preventable, and with the right information and maintenance care, this could be the case for you.

We offer advice on nutrition, brushing technique and lifestyle habits that will support a healthy set of teeth. This is different for every patient and we tailor our advice so it’s specific for you and your life circumstances. For example, for most patients, a twice-yearly check-up is enough, but for certain groups, such as pregnant women and patients with diabetes, more regular checks may be needed.

Children’s dentistry

If you are looking for a dentist in Alexandria that will not only keep your teeth in great shape but that of your family too, look no further.

We encourage you to bring your youngster in for their first check-up at age one, when their baby teeth have just come through. We know that you may question why a child needs to come to the dentist in Alexandria at such as young age, but we find sooner the better with kids. This way, they get used to sitting in the dentist’s chair before they will need any major work done and get to know that it’s not such a scary place.

We can also help them to establish a brushing and flossing routine, so they are well-practised by the time their adult teeth come through. Children who are able to do this are much more likely to take care of their teeth as adults and much less likely to develop dental phobia.