Get educated at the dentist in Alexandria

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Why should you choose the Healthy Smile Centre as your dentist in Alexandria? Well, if you decide to come to us, you won’t just get a team of highly skilled clinicians at your disposal. You’ll also get a group of enthusiastic dental professionals who love what they do.

In fact, we love what we do so much, that we educate others about it. Dental disease is preventable, and with a little education, it is possible for you to keep your teeth for life. To help you achieve this, we make time during appointments to give you specific advice on brushing and flossing techniques. After all, you come to the dentist in Alexandria two, possibly three times, in a year. Without your buy-in and participation the rest of the time, your teeth aren’t going to stay healthy.

As well as offering this in clinic, we also provide talks and workshops for patients and other health professionals, and we go into schools to give kids the best possible start with their dental health. We created the Healthy Smile 4 Kids program to address what we saw as a gap in the oral health education of children in the area.

Our work with young people extends to educating other medical professionals on how children’s teeth develop. This is something that is not yet taught in-depth at dental school. We have educated ourselves about it, so we can provide a fully rounded service to our young patients. This includes looking at issues such as breathing, posture and overcrowding. We hope that by doing this work early on, it will save children from extractions and other painful procedures later on in life.

We don’t just give when it comes to education, we also receive. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with latest developments in dental technology. The Dental Board of Australia requires each dentist in the country to complete a certain amount of professional development across a three-year period. We have such as passion for learning here that our team completes this in 6-9 months.

We have so much to share. Come into the surgery and find out more about how we can help you and your family keep your teeth for life.