Get ready to meet your new dentist in Alexandria

Our teeth are really important for our body and our general wellbeing. Not only do they help us eat and speak, they help us with non-verbal communication. A healthy and beautiful smile has the power to light up a room and enable us to connect with people effortlessly.

Many patients remain with the same dentist for many years, while others are on the look out for a new dentist to better meet their needs. At Healthy Smile Centre, we welcome new patients and encourage them to schedule regular visits for check-ups and cleanings. Taking a trip to the dentist in Alexandria can be a daunting experience for some people, but being prepared and informed can help take some of the anxiety away.

Build an honest relationship with your dentist

Not everyone is happy to admit that their oral hygiene routine is not ideal, but this is something that your dentist in Alexandria needs to be informed about. Your dentist should know what you are struggling with because this is the only way they can help you fix the problem and enjoy better oral health. Instead of dreading talking to your dentist in Alexandria, confide in them. At Healthy Smile Centre, we will never judge the state of your teeth or your dental hygiene choices.

Brush and floss regularly

If you brush and floss your teeth meticulously only when you have a dental appointment coming up, then you should reconsider your dental hygiene routine. Bacteria build up on your teeth and gums every day and brushing and flossing twice daily is essential to getting rid of harmful plaque. A good oral hygiene routine should be thorough and repetitive and should always be supplemented by regular visits to your dentist for check-ups and to your hygienist for cleanings.

Initial consultation

If you wish to book an appointment with a dentist in Alexandria, your first step is to call us. Consultations provide a great opportunity for us to meet you and discuss your dental history and individual needs. During this meeting, you can also ask us all the questions you have and discuss any concerns about your dental health.