Helping you to prevent dental nightmares

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Thanks to modern dentistry, lots of the dental nightmares we encounter are treatable in a quick and relatively painless way. However, isn’t the idea of preventing dental nightmares in the first place better than having to deal with the bills, toothache and stresses that come with them? Yes, of course prevention sounds better. Luckily, most dental issues really are preventable with good oral health routines and regular trips to your dentist in Erskineville.

Regular checks

You can save yourself some considerable time, stress and money by keeping up with regular trips to your dentist. Dental checks are here to keep your mouth in tip top condition. Even if you’re really on top of your oral care routine, it can be easy to miss one tiny spot in your mouth because it’s hard to reach. Something as simple as this can jeopardize all your hard work and land you in a less than desirable situation. Your dentist in Erskineville is trained to be able to spot small problems in your mouth that you may not be able to see. Visiting your dentist in Erskineville every 6 months is a fantastic way to ensure any small issues with your dental hygiene are spotted early and dealt with before they become a problem.

Health and diet

Sometimes your oral health can roll smoothly for years, and then, boom! Something throws it off balance. Changes with your health, diet or lifestyle can leave you dealing with a number of dental problems all at once. Pregnancy for example can play havoc with your teeth. Ladies who are pregnant should visit their dentist in Erskineville more regularly during their pregnancy, and for a period of time afterwards.

Food and drinks

Just like the rest of the body, teeth and gums fare better when we keep to a healthy diet. You can partly protect your oral health with diet choices. Too much sugar creates a bad environment for your teeth and can lead to decay and gum disease. Sugars are often hidden in our shop-bought foods, so check the ingredients. Your dentist in Erskineville at the Healthy Smile Centre can help you to make the right choices when you ask them for advice.