If everything feels fine, then there’s no need to visit the dentist

If everything feels fine, then there’s no need to visit your dentist. The lack of pain or symptoms must definitely mean that there is nothing wrong with your body.


Well what about cancer? We do not feel any symptoms until it’s too late. We always consider ourselves fit and healthy until we have a heart attack. Our mouths are in a good state because we brush twice per day until we experience excruciating pain; notice a tooth wobbling or worse, a tooth falls out.

If we close our eyes and ignore everything around us, all our problems are gone.

Now step back to reality. A lack of pain does not mean a lack of a problem. Like many diseases, dental decay involves bacteria causing rotting of our teeth. It is a silent disease which only expresses pain once it’s too late.

If the skin behind your knee starting rotting or you had gangrene on your little toe, would you ignore it and then start panicking once it fell off? Then why hesitate to ignore your mouth? You use your mouth more than your little toe. Every moment you are alive, your mouth is actively working (even while you are asleep!).

Like everything in life, if small problems are not resolved early, they become big problems or a “massive headache”. Small problems can be avoided with thorough planning and regular reassessment. Prevention is the key.

Attend your regular dental maintenance appointments and avoid parts of the mouth falling out!

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