Immediate care with on-the-spot restorations from your dentist in Alexandria

We make it our primary goal to deliver our patients results that are professional and durable and achieved in a timely manner.

You might know deep down that you need to have a dental treatment, but feel that you cannot fit your appointment with a dentist in Alexandria around your busy schedule. It is already too much to think about, so it probably goes on the back burner for later.

Your oral health is of our greatest concern so we have gone to great lengths to ensure that every procedure is undertaken as quickly as possible. We do this by using the latest, innovative technology.

The more we are able to break the stigma around dental care and show our patients how a modern day dental practice really works, we believe, the sooner people will be taking their oral health more seriously.

Do you have an example of innovative technology that you use?

Have you ever had to have a crown installed to protect the integrity of an existing tooth? It is a common restorative procedure that allows a dentist in Alexandria to retain existing teeth. This means that there is a reduced chance of needing to remove damaged teeth as this can have many negative knock-on effects and is in general avoided unless absolutely necessary.

However the traditional procedure for having a crown is not entirely fun. The traditional mould can make you gag and struggle to relax.

We know that the old way of doing things wasn’t exactly pleasant. So we have a new system, CEREC, that provides you with stable crowns that last without the need for awkward moulds and waiting times. One Visit Smiles is the future.

CEREC stands for ceramic restoration and can be used for partial crowns, complete crowns and veneers. It is a crown that is digitally designed via CAD/CAM technology by scanning the tooth and creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional ceramic. The restoration that can be placed in the mouth then and there.

We can determine whether you need to have a crown, scan your tooth and place the ceramic crown in your mouth all during a single visit, leaving you with more time to get on with more important things. The quality of the crown is exceptional and results are more precise and therefore more comfortable to wear.

This can greatly reduce the risk of breakage as there are limited chances for the crown to meet against other teeth in an uncomfortable manner. As technological advancements continue, all methods of dental work can take advantage of more precise placement of restorative work and easier identification of issues therefore minimising the need for complex procedures. Reap the rewards of these advancements and visit a dentist in Alexandria.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.