New to Healthy Smile Centre? What to expect at your first consultation with us

That first check-up at a new dental surgery can be daunting. You have had another dentist looking in your mouth for years and now, you will have to adapt to a new professional, who may find something to quibble about during that initial consultation.

Many people envision an initial dental consultation consisting of a collection of your personal information by the surgery staff, a check-up and then a prompt ‘see you in 6 months.’ While this is the way many dental surgeries conduct that initial meeting, our dentists in Alexandria offer a more thorough approach.

When you become a patient at Healthy Smile Centre, we advise you to have your initial consultation with our renowned dentist Dr Simon Lee, who will provide you with a thorough check-up and offer you the following additional services.

Holistic consultations with a dentist near me

You may be wondering, “is there a dentist near me that can offer a service I am looking for?”. Well our dentists want to make sure that your time with us is pleasant and that we can provide you with a personalised and thorough treatment plan if you need one.

This all starts with Healthy Smile Centre’s own initial holistic consultation.

Dr Simon Lee will conduct this consultation with the overall aim being to know you as an entire person and not just a set of teeth.

During this consultation, you will be asked about your dental and medical history and to discuss any medication you are currently taking. We will assess your teeth, gums, your natural bite and any previous dental work, to determine if fillings need replacing or if any are loose.

We will ask you if you are experiencing any pain while also exploring your current diet. This is to assess the level of your sugar intake and to predict your future risk for things like tooth decay. We can advise you on ways to change your diet to strengthen your teeth and to avoid acid erosion.

As standard, we also offer oral cancer screening along with cancer screening of your neck and head. We will also examine the muscles in your neck, your jaw and other areas in your face.

What are the benefits of this approach?

As mentioned earlier, based on what we find during this consult, we can tailor our approach to your care to be more personalised than the traditional basic check-up. We want to include you in any treatment plans we make going forward and therefore, we need a picture of you as a complete person to give you the best possible care.

At Healthy Smile Centre, we will strive to provide you and all of our other patients with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. When we have conducted our initial consultation, we will work with you to make your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

A personalised approach is needed in all other areas of medical care and is shown to be extremely beneficial to patients, so why not in dentistry?

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.