Our most popular treatments at our dentist in Green Square

One of the most common imperfections that our patients are unfortunately faced with are chipped or broken teeth. Chipped teeth may be due to everyday wear and tear, or maybe even due to an incident such as falling off a bike, chipped teeth can cause major insecurity in our patients, which is why we aim to offer them both short or long term solutions.

One such solution to chipped teeth can be the use of a crown, which is an aesthetically pleasing solution as it looks like the natural tooth. It also blocks out the bacteria from outer sources,and is made from strong materials, aiming to last a lifetime.

Smile restoration at our dentist in Green Square

Losing teeth is an unfortunate outcome of many oral diseases (such as gum disease), as well as the inevitable development of old age.

Losing teeth from within the mouth can not only lead to a decrease in self-confidence, but also the build up of bacteria within the gap left in the patient's mouth. Having missing teeth can cause extreme discomfort or even pain, when patients are undergoing daily dental tasks such as eating, cleaning, and drinking.

Patients can have the choice of a variety of tooth replacement options, however dental implants are a more permanent option.

Why undergo dental implants with our dentist in Green Square?

Dental implants have risen dramatically in popularity in recent years, due to their discreet appearance, permanence and the way they blend in with the rest of the natural teeth within the mouth.

Dental implants are frequently viewed as a more permanent alternative to dentures, as they are a long term and sturdy option. Dental implants do not normally require any additional aftercare or dental hygiene routines, in comparison to a patient’s natural teeth. Dental implants are individual to each patient, as the shape and the shade of the porcelain crown are uniquely matched to each patient’s surrounding teeth.

Do you offer multiple forms of orthodontics at your clinic?

At our dental practice we offer a wide variety of orthodontics, one of which are clear aligners. Clear aligners are essentially a modern and more subtle version of orthodontics, which are increasingly popular with adults. Invisalign is just one provider of clear aligners, and are the provider that we are partnered with at our clinic. Invisalign is a clear, plastic aligner that is removable during treatment.

What if I feel nervous about visiting your dentist in Green Square?

At our clinic, we have many years experience with patients who are coping with varying levels of anxiety or ‘dental phobias’. Patients may feel nervous about undergoing dental treatments due to fear (also commonly referred to as a ‘dental phobia’). These fears may be triggered by negative childhood experiences.

At our clinic we are fully trained on the ways to best deal with nervous patients, and can offer certain sedation methods and therapies in order to ease any patient’s nerves.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.