Preventive care for children’s teeth at a dentist in Erskineville

We strongly believe that preventive care is the best treatment we can give to you and your family. We know that restorative care is a great option for those of you who have had damage done to your teeth whether it be due to poor oral health or because of an injury or a stage in your life, but we also want to impress upon our patients the necessity of preventive care.

When it comes to children, we love educating them about oral hygiene in a fun and entertaining way to ensure that our message sticks with them long after their visit to us. It is known that good habits are started early and when your children grow up, they are more likely to regularly visit the dentist if they had positive experiences with us when they were younger.

For the importance of a healthy mouth that can stand the test of time, we encourage you to bring your children in to visit your dentist in Erskineville as soon as possible in order to establish a healthy routine and to detect any potential cavities and problematic decay early on so that we can manage and maintain appropriate oral health.

What are some of the treatments available?

There are quite a few preventive treatments that are available that we can discuss with you when you bring your child in to visit us. This provides your child with a healthy foundation to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums for life.

By preventing cavities in their young teeth and reducing the risk of tooth decay, we can also ensure that there are less negative experiences to associate the dentist with, reducing the chance of phobias or dental fear later in life which can have devastating consequences.

Fluoride applied to the surface of your child’s teeth is a way to protect their growing teeth from any form of decay developing. It helps to mineralise their teeth and in turn strengthen them. We welcome you to come to us with any questions regarding this treatment as we are happy to provide all the information we have available on the matter.

Another treatment is a reliable fissure sealant which is applied to the hard to reach and often susceptible to decay grooves in children’s molars, smoothing them out and preventing decay.

Your dentist in Erskineville is able to thoroughly check the condition of your child’s mouth and detect any early signs of an incorrect bite. As with most dental issues, the quicker we can treat a problem, the faster it can be resolved.

We suggest bringing your child in to visit the dentist as early as when the first tooth erupts. These initial visits are simple check ups where you can discuss changes with your dentist and can receive information on how to best care for your baby’s growth.

Studies have shown us that by bringing in your child early, the are more likely to have a positive experience and not be afraid of the dentist as they grow up.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.