Prioritise your child’s dental health at our dentist in Zetland

How well do you look after your children’s teeth? Do you encourage them to clean their teeth, or are you lax about oral hygiene? Milk teeth are only temporary, but the way you care for your child's teeth will dictate their oral health and attitude toward teeth-cleaning best practices as adults. Without proper dental care, children may face decay and diseases that could well have been prevented, but instead, causes lifelong discomfort and suffering.

You can minimise the risk of your children from having to undergo complicated dental procedures or prevent them from experiencing dental anxiety, by prioritising dental health and hygiene from an early age. And if it is your child's first time seeing our dentist in Zetland - book a consultation with us. The Healthy Smile Centre is a child-friendly dentist. We often affiliate with other medical professionals and specialists to ensure your family is provided with the best care possible.

When should my child see the dentist in Zetland?

Before the age of one or when their first tooth appears, and you should visit a paediatric dentist. Seeing a dentist in Zetland is possibly a scary prospect for a child, so it is essential to help prepare them for their first visit and ensure that they are in the most capable hands possible.

A paediatric dentist is a practitioner who specialises in kid's teeth, dedicated to children's oral health during the formative years until adolescence. Not only is a professional of this type an expert on the anatomy of milk teeth, but they have experience treating children. Rather than forming bad memories, we pride ourselves on fostering good experiences and relationships with our little patients, so that the dentist office is viewed positively through the eyes of your child.

How can I help my toddler on their first dental visit?

Typically, their first visit with us is an ice breaker where we introduce your toddler or young child to our dentist and the surrounding environment. The exposure is meant to show them that our practice is safe, warm, and friendly, and not a place to fear.

You can help your little one by:

  • Planning the appointment during a quiet time of the day - too much stimulation might scare or overwhelm your kid.

  • Keep your child informed by letting them know what is happening. Getting your child involved in the process will encourage them to take an interest in looking after their teeth.

  • As a parent, you need to foster a casual attitude and try to hide your own anxieties. Children can pick up negative emotions easily, so it is important to act positive and optimistic about their upcoming dental visit.

  • Arrive early for your appointment, that way your child can relax in the waiting room, distracted by storybooks, to help with a stress-free introduction.

What does a paediatric or family dentist focus on?

Once trust and a relationship has developed between our dentist in Zetland and your child, we will perform an oral exam to assess the state of your offspring's mouth and identify risk factors, such as thumb sucking which may cause developmental issues later on.

If there are cavities, our dentist will repair them as gently as possible, so that your child feels as comfortable as possible.

We then take a look at preventative care, highlighting dental hygiene best practices for infants and children, which includes professional cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as advice on nutrition and health.

Poor dental hygiene in adults stems from childhood. Prevent your kids from having bad and problematic teeth in the future by prioritising their oral health today.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.