Putting your child's needs at the heart of their treatment

Having good oral health throughout life is routed in routine and good habits. Correct brushing and flossing techniques, combined with regular visits to the dentist ensure the best chance for lifelong healthy teeth. When you consider your adult teeth arrive at around age 13, with your wisdom teeth following a little later, your permanent teeth need to last for many decades. So they need to be kept in tip-top condition from day one.

At the Healthy Smile Centre we encourage your child to visit their dentist in Alexandria as soon as their first tooth appears. As the National Study for Oral Health conducted by the University of Adelaide found, at least once-yearly visits to the dentist resulted in an overall reduction in cavities and these visits also encouraged good dental care habits. By encouraging good oral health routines in your children with the help and support of your dentist in Alexandria, you can set them on the best track for lifelong oral health.

Their first visit

Since we understand children can be very nervous of new experiences, we will do everything we can to set them at ease. You can prepare them by explaining who they are coming to see and making it fun. When they arrive, they will remain with you throughout, with a very gentle examination being conducted with them sat on your knee.

We seek to relax and build confidence in our young patients, so they trust us right from the get go. Once they know us as their dentist in Alexandria, if they then need to treat an arising issue or we look at preventive measures such as fissure sealants, we can do work this knowing they will feel safe.

In practical terms, we will give you advice on how to care for very young teeth and gums. Supporting you through the teething months and into their baby teeth coming all the way through. Once they are old enough, your dentist in Alexandria can then teach them proper brushing techniques, reducing any opportunity for decay or gum disease to take hold.

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All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.