Suffering the pain of wisdom teeth? How our dentist at Healthy Smile Centre can help!

Not at all like their name suggests, wisdom teeth are far from wise!

Often causing multiple issues with the alignment of the teeth in your mouth, wisdom teeth can also cause immense pain during eruption and are more likely to protrude at unusual angles.

It is debated amongst dental practitioners what the purpose of these teeth actually are; they often cause intense discomfort, inflammation and are more likely to become infected. They are also more difficult to clean and floss successfully, meaning that they are also more likely to succumb to decay! But there is help at hand!

If you have painful or awkwardly positioned wisdom teeth, we can help. At Healthy Smile Centre, our dentist in Mascot is all too familiar with the issues that wisdom teeth can bring in their wake, and can provide you with the correct plan to remove your cumbersome teeth.

Is the removal of wisdom teeth the same as regular teeth? Is the healing time longer? Read on to find out!

The initial consultation

If our dentist in Mascotdetermines that your wisdom teeth are indeed causing you some problems, the only solution we can realistically offer is removal or a full extraction.

However, unlike all the other teeth in your mouth, wisdom teeth can have unusually shaped or longer than average roots, meaning that our dentist in Mascotwill have to devise a plan to remove them.

At your initial consultation, we will usually take X-rays of your teeth to assess any additional stages that may be required to remove your wisdom teeth successfully.

The removal

When you come in to have them removed, based on your X-rays, our team will have devised a treatment plan to remove the wisdom teeth.

Depending on the time it will require, the severity of the issues they are causing or even if you are nervous, sedation may be offered. Our team will use anaesthetic to ensure you feel nothing during the removal.

Once removal is completed, your gum line may be closed with dissolvable stitches. However, you will be required to revisit our surgery within a two week period to ensure that your gum line is healing correctly.

Depending on the severity of the oral surgery, you may also be prescribed some anti-inflammatory painkillers to take home.


Many patients worry that the extraction of wisdom teeth can result in a longer than average healing period. This is simply not true!

While you will need to check daily for signs of infection (swelling, unusual pain, unpleasant smelling discharge), caring for wisdom tooth extraction is no more complicated than caring for any other dental extraction.

Our team can recommend a personalised treatment plan to help accelerate your recovery time but general aftercare will involve gargling saltwater, taking extreme care while brushing and not consuming any hard, cold or overly hot food which may inflame the extraction site.

If you do notice an unpleasant taste or odour, swelling, pain or feel feverish, please book an appointment to see us immediately.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.