Taking care of your oral health while pregnant

There are quite a few urban myths and half-truths about visiting the dentist when pregnant, but the truth is that dental care is especially important during pregnancy. Being pregnant affects your entire body and that goes for your mouth too.

Hormonal changes can affect your teeth and gums and that’s why it is very important to take good care of your oral hygiene and visit your dentist in Erskineville for regular check-ups while you are pregnant. At Healthy Smile Centre, we provide dental care to pregnant women and we will give you tips on how to stay on top of your oral care during pregnancy.

Hormonal changes during your pregnancy can affect your teeth in quite a few ways:

Pregnancy gum inflammation

Sometimes increased levels of progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, can result in gum inflammation leading to sensitive, red and swollen gums. This may eventually cause bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth. Luckily, symptoms of pregnancy gum inflammation usually disappear after the baby is born, but it is important for your dentist in Erskineville to monitor it.

Gum disease

A limited number of women experience a type of gum disease while pregnant that can cause many problems if left untreated. Gum disease occurs when bacterial infections spread below the gum line and eventually start damaging the fibers that hold your teeth in place. Gum disease can also affect the health of the baby, since it has been associated with premature birth and lower birth weights. Your dentist in Erskineville can help eliminate the risk of gum disease with a thorough tooth cleaning.

Erosion of tooth enamel

Although not that common, vomiting caused by morning sickness can lead to the erosion of the enamel on the back of your front teeth. This is more likely to happen with frequent vomiting over a prolonged period of time and can be prevented with regular dental check-ups.

In general, invasive dental treatments during the first trimester and second half of the third trimester should be avoided as much as possible as a precaution. However, visiting your dentist in Erskineville regularly throughout your pregnancy is highly recommended in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums.