The Healthy Smile Centre, going that extra mile

Our approach to dentistry has education and prevention at its heart. As your dentist in Erskineville, we hold a range of seminars, information days and programs specifically aimed to improve health and oral hygiene. By prioritising prevention, as your dentist we look for root causes. By treating these there will no longer be any symptoms to resolve. Dental disorders such as cavities, gum disease and tooth loss can be avoided through education and ongoing, regular visits to us. Hygiene appointments are essential to this, removing plaque and tartar build up that is a leading cause of gum irritation and infection. While you’re with us we will also take the time to check your entire dental chain for issues, look at your overall oral health and even screen for oral cancers.

Taking education out to our community

Improving patient experience and education means we can start to shift focus from only seeing patients when they are in pain, to being your friendly neighbourhood dentist in Erskineville. When patients make seeing their dentist a regular part of their lives, there are automatic improvements to ongoing oral health. As part of this ethos we run seminars and educational drop-ins for our patients, local doctors and other health professionals on a range of topics. In addition, we also run our community program, Healthy Smile 4 Kids. Educating from an early age ensures positive behaviours towards oral hygiene as well as fostering ongoing, healthy relationships with health professionals such as dentists. When we visit local child care centres and schools, we raise awareness so that the next generation of adults has already taken prevention rather than cure to heart.

Offering you up to date techniques and technology

Although prevention is of course the key to our message, we also realise that you will need treatments that do offer dental solutions. For this reason, we keep up to date with the best products, techniques and the latest in dental technology.

We offer everything from root canals through to cosmetic dentistry, ensuring patient choice is optimised. As your dentist in Erskineville, you can be assured we put your needs at the centre of our work. Come and visit us for more information.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.