The importance of dental hygiene; preventive services we offer at the Healthy Smile Centre

Many people who come to our surgery are unaware of the importance of preventive dental care. Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure and if our dentists in Mascot can prevent dental issues from occurring later in life, then that is what we aim to do.

Every time you brush your teeth, you are taking a form of preventive action; you are removing plaque, bacteria and sugars that have accumulated on your teeth throughout the day. This is important for preventing tooth decay, gum disease and staining.

But there are times when your mouth may require a bit more work to keep it in tip-top shape and this is where our hygienists and dentists in Mascot can help you.

What is a dental hygienist? What do they do?

A dental hygienist is a type of dental technician who specialises in giving advice to patients about oral hygiene and is trained to perform scaling and polishing of teeth. Our team of hygienists and dentists in Mascot offer a ‘5 Stage Dental Clean’ which we will look into later.

The reason people visit our dental hygienists is to prevent issues like plaque accumulation, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. You may be either referred to our hygienists during a dental check-up or you can refer yourself.

Another important role of our hygienist team is to ensure that our patients who have dentures, braces or any other type of orthodontic work receive specialist hygiene advice and services. Once again, this is to prevent issues from occurring at a later date.

What is the ‘5 Stage Dental Clean?

We are very proud at the Healthy Smile Centre to be able to offer our patients our 5 Stage Dental Clean. This service combines all of our preventive dentistry into one session and is suitable for customers who have staining, plaque or those who just want a more thorough scale and polish.

Stage 1 our hygienists will use our specialist machine to remove tartar build up under your gums, above your gums and around each of your teeth.

Stage 2 a handheld scaler will then remove any tartar that may have been missed by the machine in stage 1.

Stage 3 a tip with thin head is then used to remove tartar in between your teeth that can’t be reached in the first 2 stages.

Stage 4 professional flossing of all the contact points in your mouth.

Stage 5 professional polishing, to remove any residual staining on your teeth.

Our 5 Stage Dental Clean usually takes up to 40 minutes and will leave you with a gleaming smile that combines a hygienic clean with whitening.

Our hygienists are committed to ensuring that all of our patients have the cleanest and healthiest mouths possible. They can advise you on the correct brushing techniques to suit your dental needs while checking that your mouth remains clean and disease free.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.