There’s no need to fear the dentist in Erskineville

As a dentist in Erskineville, we are well aware that many people experience dental phobia, some to the point that it stops them from coming into the surgery. Dental phobia can manifest in different ways. On the milder end, you may feel reluctant to book a check-up, or feel uncomfortable waiting for your appointment. For those with the more extreme end of the phobia, they may experience shortness of breath, sweating or even a panic attack at the dentist.

This is one reason why there are millions of Australians who only visit the dentist when they are in pain and have a dental disease. This is such as shame because, with regular checks, our dentist in Erskineville can prevent many problems before they occur. We don’t want anyone to miss out on getting the treatment they need.

How can we help?

At our compassionate and caring dentist in Erskineville, we offer different techniques to help nervous patients relax. This includes 3 types of sedation. You can either have prescription medication, intravenous sedation or general anaesthetic.

Prescription medication calms the nerves with a mild sedative. You are awake and can respond to questions, though you may feel groggy after treatment.

Intravenous sedation is injected directly into the veins through a drip and has more of an effect that the prescription medication. You will feel very relaxed and remain conscious throughout the procedure. You will be able to let our dentist in Erskineville know if you need to take a break or slow the treatment down at any point.

General anaesthetic is a final option for patients who are extremely nervous or who aren’t able to receive intravenous sedation. You are completely unconscious during the procedure and won’t remember anything about it afterwards. Note that this can only be administered at an outside clinic, we can’t offer this onsite at the Healthy Smile Centre.

It’s important to note that, whichever type of sedation you choose, you will need to have a friend with you to take you home afterwards, as you will feel a little or very drowsy.

Whatever you choose to do, our dentist in Erskineville is here to offer you an understanding ear and talk you through your options.