Want your smile to be your best feature? It can be with our dentist in Green Square!

You might look after your teeth, but specific imperfections are beyond your control! If you struggle with pearly whites that have dulled over time or have grappled with an overbite for as far back as you can remember, there are dental cosmetic treatments that you can turn to.

Our dentists in Green Square might prioritise oral health, but we also know how yellow teeth or a crooked smile impinges on one’s self-worth.

Reclaim your social life and improve upon your general wellbeing by seeing to irregularities and imperfections that you have dealt with for years, at our practice, the Healthy Smile Centre.

Brighten your smile with teeth whitening

Age, your environment, what you eat and bad habits like smoking discolour and leave visible marks on your teeth, causing you to feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Achieve near-instant results with our professional teeth whitening treatment. Choose from our In-House or Take Home Options - whichever is more aligned with your needs.

Our In-House treatments are quick - approximately one hour, where you will see a significant improvement straight after the procedure at our dentist in Green Square, whereas DIY home kits take anything from a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on how bright a smile you want.

Correct crooked teeth and protruding overbite with braces?

In the past, braces were mainly used by children and adolescents, but the demographic for straightening aids have changed since then to incorporate more adults.

Previously, orthodontic devices comprised of big metal brackets and a complicated wiring system. While a great method of straightening teeth, the user experience was, more often than not, described as uncomfortable.

Improvements and upgrades have been made to the original types of braces. Various modern devices have been released to the public that are discreet by design and user-friendly.

Adults and older teens popularly use Invisalign, lingual and ceramic braces due to their subtle appearance.

Made up of clear plastic retainers, Invisalign is described as being virtually undetectable. By swapping these retainers for a new pair every two weeks, we pull teeth into their desired position a few at a time.

Lingual braces work similarly to traditional orthodontic devices, only we glue metal brackets to the back of the teeth instead of the front, and they are also custom-fabricated to fit the shape of your mouth exactly. Being positioned behind the teeth means that this type of brace is out of the view of others.

Ceramic braces replace metal brackets usually used with ones made from porcelain; the colour of which blends in with your surrounding teeth. While still visible to the naked eye, ceramic braces are still subtle.

Cover up a chip or fractured tooth with veneers

Fix a slightly broken tooth with a veneer. Veneers are pieces of porcelain material that are placed over a tooth to change their colour, size, shape or height.

In some cases, veneers can close the gap between teeth, thus preventing the need for orthodontic work.

If your teeth are worn down, chipped, broken, irregularly shaped or discoloured, you are a suitable candidate for veneers.

Enhance your appearance with cosmetic dental work at our dentist in Green Square.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.