What are you looking for in a dentist

Have you been looking for a dentist in Erksineville? Then look no further than Healthy Smile Centre.

Have you been having some issues with bad breath? Our dentist in Erskineville can run through some of the main causes as to why this happens and we shall endeavour find the root cause of this and freshen up your life again.


Do you shudder at the thought of biting into cold ice-cream or have you been longing to once again take a bite out of a crunchy cold apple? Does even the thought of a hot tea against your teeth make you wince? Having sensitive teeth is not something anyone can live with easily; it can make eating and drinking a painful experience. Eating and drinking is one of life’s joys, which shouldn’t be denied to anyone. Come in and chat with our dentist in Erskineville; they can discuss with you the several causes of why this sensitivity occurs and how we can find an effective treatment to deal with this issue.

What about snoring and sleep apnoea? Sleep apnoea is a serious condition that is not as well-known or given the concern that it should. It can affect your day to day life, not only yours but the people around you too. At night our bodies are supposed to be recovering from our day’s activities but if our body is constantly being disrupted, then suitable rest cannot take place and we are not at our optimal health. At Healthy Smile Centre, we treat sleep apnoea very seriously.

Now our dentist at Erskineville knows that it’s not just all optimum health purposes for visiting a dentist. Everyone likes to look good and have a winning smile, and here at Healthy Smile Centre, we want to give our patients an extra confidence boost. We offer cosmetic dentistry from teeth whitening, porcelain veneers to using white fillings. We want our patients to have the option of having perfectly straight teeth without showing their treatment to the world.

And last but not least, we want our patients to feel young again by having the option of a non-invasive wrinkle reduction treatment.