What do we offer our patients at our dentist In Mascot?

At our clinic in Mascot we strive to offer our patients dental treatments that are delivered with care and professionalism, as well as strategies to ease the fears of those patients who may be experiencing varying levels of dental anxiety.

We offer our patients a wide variety of forms of dentistry, whether you need tooth whitening under cosmetic dentistry, or an X-ray within a general dentistry check-up, we can provide this for you.

Education with our dentist In Mascot

At our clinic we fully understand that the development of the majority of oral diseases (such as gum disease for example) are caused by the occurrence of oral bacteria, which is why we attempt not just to treat our patients, but to inform and educate them in order to help prevent reoccurrence of dental problems.

Why choose us as your dentist In Mascot?

We understand that choosing a dental clinic to undergo your dental treatment can be a huge decision and can be dependent on many things. Individuals may base their clinic choice on location, price, and the specifics of the treatment they’re after; some may even travel abroad to undergo their treatment.

On our website, we proudly display our dental practice history, treatments and the way we’ve changed people’s lives for everyone to view. That way, we’re open and transparent about what we offer and the proof that, whatever the issue you may have, we’ve seen it all before and can help.

Prime location

At our clinic, we are fortunate enough to be located within a convenient area just ten minutes away from Sydney Airport, which makes us ideal for patients who are travelling from overseas to undergo treatment with us. We’re also just a short trip from Sydney CBD.

Positive environment

At our dental clinic we strive to build a positive environment, to support our patients and make them feel at ease when undergoing dental treatments with us. Patients who may have experienced high anxiety when starting their treatment with us have often been known to have recovered, and experience an enjoyable dental treatment.

We are fortunate enough to be able to use highly professional dental treatments, and have access to modern and highly technically advanced dental equipment. Our dental team ensure that our patients feel comfortable within our large and comfortable waiting and treatment rooms in the Mascot practice.

Educating our patients

At our dental clinic in Mascot, we believe we are different from other clinics, due to our special approach to dentistry. Attending regular dental appointments can ensure that patients prevent the development of any further dental diseases, such as the development of gum disease, for example, which is why we aim to educate and inform our patients on the importance of preventive dentistry.

At our clinic, we promote a holistic approach and therefore emphasise the importance of the relationship between oral, and bodily health.

How do I book an appointment with you?

Individuals may be able to book an initial consultation with us in many ways, one of these being directly, via our dental clinic website. At the bottom of our website we have a section where our patients can submit a photo of their smile (send a selfie), as well as a few simple details and questions or concerns. We’ll take a look and get back to them with potential options.

Patients who possess hectic and busy lifestyles may be unable to find the time to call us, which is why they can book a quick consultation at the bottom of the website.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.