What’s causing that pain?

You’re experiencing toothache, yet you can’t see any issues. It’s not painful enough, so you ignore it and manage with over the counter medication. What should you do? Continue to self-manage or go to your dentist in Erskineville? For us, it’s a no-brainer, go to the dentist. Here’s why.

Tooth decay happens when the enamel of your teeth is damaged. This hard outer shell protects the softer, sensitive dentin layer of your tooth. Inside this is then the core of your tooth, which contains pulp, blood vessels and nerve endings. Once there is damage to the enamel, naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth can reach these layers and cause pain and decay. Mild toothache is the first indicator that your enamel is damaged. This outer damage could be as small as a tiny hole, while inside the tooth, large areas could be under attack from decay. It is therefore very important to visit your dentist in Erskineville as soon as you feel any pain.

Rooting out the problem

During your visit to your dentist at Healthy Smile Centre we will endeavour to find the root cause of any toothache you’re experiencing. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation and then, if necessary take x-rays to fully understand the problem.

If you come to us as soon as you experience dental pain, hopefully we can relieve the issue with a small amount of restorative work, sealing your tooth and preventing any further decay or loss of tooth integrity.

However, if the decay has really taken root and reached the core of your tooth, we may have to conduct root canal work or look at tooth extraction. In either circumstance, as your dentist in Erskineville we endeavour to minimise treatment and cost, while still effectively restoring your dental health.

With root canal work, we will remove all of the decayed and infected material and then seal your tooth with a white filling or crown, depending on the extent of damage. However, if you are facing tooth extraction, we also have tooth replacement solutions ready, such as dental implants, which can fully restore form and function.

So if you have a dental pain, no matter how small, don’t delay, see us today.