Who is my dentist in Alexandria?

We want you to get to know a little about who we are so that you can really understand why we take so much pride in our practice and what we do for you. By creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that has you feeling comfortable when you come in to visit us, we are actively trying to reduce dental fear.

Should you experience any fears of phobias prior to your visit with us, maybe because you have had a previous bad experience or it has stemmed from childhood, we encourage you to speak with us about these fears so that we can take steps to encourage you to overcome them in your own time and in a healthy manner.

Our attitude towards dentistry is professional in a light hearted way. It is not uncommon to hear laughter down the corridor, making not only our days enjoyable, but providing an experience for you that is as enjoyable as possible as well.

However, there is no compromise on quality. Ever. Your oral health is of the utmost importance to your dentist in Alexandria. We are always looking to future developments in technology that enables us to make more precise surgical procedures, more detailed analyses of conditions and more enhanced digital images of what is going on within your body.

Come and explore your options with us and find out what it feels like to be compassionately cared for by dentists who are happy to be where they are and are focused on the improvement of your oral health and smile.

What are some of the unique mentalities that our practice has?

Our practice aims to be as conservative as possible by being as proactive as we can possibly be. Many practice work on a reactive mentality; simply restoring a tooth that needs to be fixed when a problem arises for their patients. We understand that this reactive mentality certainly fixes problems in the short term but it can do nothing advantageous in preventing future problems arising for you later in your life.

We take a holistic approach in our dental work. We know that the whole body is connected and that your oral care does not simply end with your mouth. More and more research is proving the links within our bodies, in particular we know more about gum disease and heart disease and how they are linked than ever before.

Your dentist in Alexandria knows that the mouth is not a separate entity from the rest of your body and so is therefore concerned with your entire well being, not simply your oral health. You would be surprised to know how intimately linked your body is and that some conditions present themselves in symptoms that would otherwise appear entirely unrelated should you not have a deep holistic understanding of the body.

Preventive care is of great concern to us and by dedicating time during every appointment to ensure that you are truly educated on the ways that you can look after your own mouth, we feel we are giving you the best chance in caring for your own oral health.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.