Why are my gums swollen?

Taking care of your teeth is really important, but some people don’t realise that taking care of their gums is equally important. Gums hold our teeth in place and are full of tiny vessels that carry oxygen to various part of the tooth, including the root.

If you have symptoms such as swollen and inflamed gums, then you should seek the help of Healthy Smile Centre, your trusted dentist in Erskineville. Puffy gums are not normal and they could indicate a serious infection such as gum disease.

How can I tell if my gums are inflamed?

Swollen gums are not necessarily painful. If you have difficulty telling them apart from healthy gums, you should look for signs of redness and bleeding when you brush and floss. Whereas healthy gums are light pink and firm, swollen gums are red and puffy.

Causes of swollen gums

Swollen gums are usually linked with gum disease, but it’s not the only culprit. After examining your gums carefully, your dentist in Erskineville may find that the inflammation is due to:

· incorrect brushing and flossing

· hormonal changes

· oral infection

· irritation

· mouth ulcers

· ill-fitting dentures

· malnutrition

· tooth misalignment.

Treating swollen gums

Depending on your individual problem, your dentist in Erskineville will recommend various treatments. Our first aim is to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly and ensure that gum disease is not the reason why your gums are swollen in the first place. Alternatively, your dentist in Erskineville will show you correct ways to brush and floss your teeth or recommend teeth straightening treatment. If your swollen gums are the result of an infection or hormonal changes, then your dentist may recommend treatment. If your gums are sore because of ill-fitting dentures or other restorations, then you will be advised to replace them. Last but not least, your dentist in Erskineville will let you know if your puffy gums are due to malnutrition (i.e. scurvy).

Have regular dental check-ups

At Healthy Smile Centre, we can’t stress enough the importance of regular dental check-ups and cleanings. If you are prone to gum problems, make sure to visit your dentist in Erskineville regularly.