Why choose us as your dentist in Zetland?

We take pride in communicating with our patients so that they’re fully informed, educated and consulted about their dental health. We fully understand that it can be frustrating to be told that you need to change your dental routine, but not necessarily being told how to do so. We also understand that it is a little annoying for patients to be rushed during an appointment that they have paid for, which is why we always allow additional time for our patients, to enable to ask questions and feel at ease with their dentist.

We accommodate a wide variety of needs, and welcome patients of all ages to our clinic including children. We love seeing our child patients and believe that children who are educated in oral health grow up to take better care of their teeth. We aim to make our dental sessions as enjoyable as possible, so children enjoy visiting our clinic. Children's development relies heavily on the first three years of their lives, which is why we aim to lay down oral health education foundations, to prepare them for adulthood.

Informative seminars at our dentist in Zetland

We believe that educating our patients is the key to optimal dental health, which is why we ensure we offer our patients free regular seminars, as well as providing them to allied health professionals, and other doctors.

Seeing someone you trust at our dentist in Zetland

We understand that for some patients, change can be difficult. Nervous patients may have a dental phobia for a variety of reasons, one of which may be due to negative childhood experiences.

Having dental anxiety can be made worse by having to see different dentists. We do not agree with a rotational system, and understand that our patients wish to see the same dentist that they trust. We try to ensure that our patients are never treated by an unfamiliar dentist as we want to know that they feel as comfortable as possible when undergoing treatment with us.

High quality

We always ensure that we use the highest quality materials, as well as up-to-the-minute modern dental technology, to enable our patients to receive the highest level of care.

As professionals, we also make clear that we only administer certain dental techniques when they are really necessary and suitable for your unique needs.

What if I feel nervous about undergoing dental treatments at your dentist in Zetland?

Patients who feel nervous about visiting their local dental clinic need not fear when they are undergoing dental treatments with us at our practice. We understand that patients may feel nervous about visiting dentists.

We see nervous patients all the time, and aim to accommodate them and make them feel at ease. At our clinic we can reduce our patients’ fears by offering a number of methods (happy gas, and IV/twilight sedation facilities) to help them manage their anxiety.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.