Why is it important for individuals to visit their dentist in Zetland regularly?

It is extremely important that individuals visit their local dentist in Zetland regularly, primarily in order to manage maintenance of oral and gum hygiene. Some people may not be aware of the importance of visiting their dentist regularly, however it is vital that you visit your local clinic twice a year so we can check your oral health.

At our dentist in Zetland we fully understand that our patients have hectic lives, and may forget to come and see us or not be able to spare time to come in. However, we recommend you come and see us and have convenient opening hours to fit around busy lifestyles.

What can I expect from my regular dental healthcare check-up?

You can expect to see one of our dental healthcare professionals at the Healthy Smile Centre who will make you feel at ease if you are feeling anxious. During a regular check-up your dentist may ask you if there are any areas which are a cause of concern for you. If you have a sensitive tooth for example, we can assess this for you.

During your regular dental healthcare check-up you will receive an overall assessment of the mouth, which can help detect and prevent the development of dental diseases (such as gum disease).

Is there a cleaning aspect to my check-up?

Yes, there is!

Many individuals may not be aware that they are not cleaning their teeth correctly, and it may come as a shock when they realise they may need a scale and polish. A scale and polish is a form of vigorous cleaning dental treatment that aims to remove tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth.

Two aspects to your appointment

During your dental check-up, there are two aspects to our appointments, the ‘check up’ aspect and the ‘cleaning’ aspect. During your check-up we will examine your mouth for cavities, looking also for any potential cavities thereby helping to reduce the risk of requiring a filling in the near future. We may also take a variety of X-rays of your mouth to ensure the cavities are located (if they are there).

I feel nervous about visiting the dentist

If you feel nervous about dental environments, we can help. If you have a dental phobia, you can be assured that you are not alone.

Are dental phobias common?

Despite common misconception, dental phobias are not uncommon at all. Individuals who may feel worried whilst visiting the dentist may delay dental appointments (or even avoid appointments entirely). Dental phobias are fears and may be triggered by events such as negative childhood experiences with the dentist that have then lasted into adulthood.

Why do individuals sometimes miss dental appointments?

Individuals may miss appointments due to anxiety, but also due to alternative reasons, such as finances. Individuals who do not receive dental or orthodontic treatment under the health care system, may not be able to afford the price of dental treatments, even if it is just a dental check-up. Talk to us if this is the case to see whether we can still help you.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.