Why is it important to visit a dentist near me regularly?

Many individuals may not understand the true importance of regular dental check-ups, however we aim to inform and educate our patients of this importance whilst they are undergoing dental treatments with us.

We recommend that individuals visit us twice a year. This is a good routine to get into and this is due to the fact that we want to help to prevent any development of cavities, or oral diseases. Seeing you twice a year helps us do that.

Individuals may believe that brushing their teeth frequently, and rigorously may prevent them from developing any oral conditions or problems, however this is not necessarily always the case.

What can I expect from my regular dental check-up at a dentist near me?

Individuals may be worried about undergoing their dental healthcare check-up, however usually they are extremely common, quick, and simple.

During your dental check-up you will undergo a general assessment of the mouth, including the individual tracking of each individual tooth to check for cavities and other issues.

During your check-up, we may ask you if you feel as if you have any areas of concern within the mouth, such as any discomfort or pain within the teeth or gums and check for any abnormalities in your mouth.

Finally, we’ll give you a quick mouth clean and scale and polish, to help you leave feeling clean and fresh!

What is a scale and polish provided at a dentist near me?

A scale and polish is a simple cleaning treatment that is frequently undergone during a dental check-up, the main aim of a scale and polish is to remove any tartar and plaque, which lays on the surface of your teeth. The build-up of tartar and plaque can occur in individuals who may believe they brush correctly, and individuals should not be concerned if they are advised to undergo a scale and polish.

Why may some individuals choose to miss their regular dental check-up?

It is common for certain individuals to miss their dental check-ups, and this may be for a wide variety of reasons.

People may miss their regular dental check-up if they believe that they are not experiencing any dental problems, and are not experiencing any sensitivity or discomfort within the mouth.

Individuals may decide to skip their regular dental check-up if they fear or are nervous of the dentist (also commonly referred to as a dental phobia). Dental phobias (despite common misconception) are actually extremely common, and can be triggered by negative childhood experiences. Please do come in and see us, our dentists are used to treating nervous or anxious patients.

Another reason as to why some individuals may be reluctant to attend their regular dental check-up is due to a lack of financial funds, individuals may not wish to spend money on the maintenance of their teeth, as they may not receive dental care under the health care system. However, one thing is certain, dental care is very important to a person’s overall health, think twice before neglecting it.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.