Why our dentist in Mascot recommends implants

There are a lot of ways we can help you fix up your smile. One potential treatment our team might recommend, for patients with broken, damaged or missing teeth, is dental implants.

What are implants?

Dental implants are essentially a small prosthetic tooth that your dentist in Mascot will insert into your gum line, through a minor surgical procedure.

Firstly an implant, a titanium screw is attached into your jawbone. Depending on the type of implant, our dentist in Mascot may also just fit the screw and place a healing cap over it, with the tooth being fitted at a later date. Then, after some time has passed, the bone should eventually heal back over the screw to create a stable base to fit a crown to.

We fit the implant crown, which is normally made from porcelain, by attaching it to the titanium screw.

What to expect from the treatment

The process of having the crown fitted to your implant is a relatively straightforward procedure and shouldn’t take too much time out of your day.

Usually, our team will inspect the area first, clean it if necessary and then a mould may be taken of the surrounding teeth to make sure the prosthetic fits, and blends in correctly. This cast will then be sent off to a lab to create the porcelain implant.

At the Healthy Smile Centre, our team will help you boost your smile with minimal discomfort, in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Are there different types of implants?

There are a few different types of implants and techniques, but generally your dentist will use either the EndoSteal or SubperioSteal prosthetics. The first example is the most common, and involves fitting the tooth to your jawbone, whilst the latter is attached above the bone. This technique is usually required when the patient doesn’t have healthy bone to graft the implant to.

Benefits of implants

There are many advantages to this treatment, but one of the key perks is that it’s durable, so you won’t have to come in for multiple appointments for us to constantly tweak the tooth. It’s also easy to clean and the procedure doesn’t take particularly long. Once the treatment is complete, you will be left with a natural looking tooth replacement.

Advice for patients after treatment

If you come in for dental implants, then we have some aftercare advice for you to keep in mind.

You can clean your implanted tooth normally, as you would the rest of your mouth in your brushing routine, but try to avoid pressing too hard with the brush as you could damage the tooth. If you use floss or mouthwash, then don’t pull too deep and avoid any mouthwash brands that are high strength, as the chemicals can interfere with your gum’s healing ability.

Hopefully, this has helped clear up a few things about implants. If you want to see how this procedure could benefit you, then book an appointment at our practice and come see our team.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.