Why you should be asking your dentist in Mascot about Crowns

Having damaged or misaligned teeth may at first make it seem like your smile is forever ruined, but there are ways for us to help you fix up your smile. Having a crown fitted is one particular treatment that we could offer, if appropriate, if you came in to see our dentist in Mascot.

What are crowns?

Undergoing this treatment is a fairly common occurrence, and that’s because it’s so simple and quick and leaves lasting results. For those that aren’t familiar with the treatment, it involves the placement of a cap, usually comprised of porcelain or ceramics, over any damaged portions of your teeth. This cap not only hides the damage to create a nicer looking smile, it also helps to strengthen the covered tooth against any future potential wear and tear.

The fitting process

Having a crown fitted is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take your dentist in Mascot too long to complete.

The procedure will usually begin with our dental team inspecting the area to match your future prosthetic with the same shade of your teeth, in order to allow it to naturally blend in once it’s fitted. There may also be a small reduction in the size of the area to provide the cap with a better position to fit into.

Then a mould will be taken of your tooth, which a dental lab will use to create your crown that will be attached with a dental adhesive on a later visit. Our team, at the Healthy Smile Centre, will ensure your prosthetic is fitted quickly, professionally and with minimal discomfort, to leave you with an improved looking smile that lasts.

Are there benefits to crowns?

There are numerous benefits to our patients having crowns fitted, the biggest of which is that it covers up the damaged areas of your mouth to give you a more natural looking smile. The treatment times are also normally pretty quick, so you won’t have to commit too much time sitting in our chair in the practice. Finally, it’s worth mentioning, is that it’s relatively easy to maintain your crown, as it’s a pretty durable prosthetic; just brush it as you would the rest of your teeth but try to not press too hard with your brush as you could damage the crown.

Do crowns last long?

Crowns are a pretty hardy prosthetic and they can last quite a number of years if they’re cared for in the right way. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about having to come into the practice for multiple visits to check your progress.

Our aftercare advice for our patients

After you have had your crown fitted, there’s a couple things you should keep in mind once you get home.

First, you can clean the prosthetic like a normal tooth, but do be careful with how hard you press your brush as you could dislodge the crown. Also, try to avoid mouthwash for a while, as the chemicals in some brands can potentially damage the crown or the adhesive used to hold it in place.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.