Worried about an impending root canal?5 advantages of this procedure by The Healthy Smile Centre

Most dental patients will break out in a cold sweat when their dental professional tells them that they need a root canal.

Despite this being an extremely common procedure for preserving teeth, root canals are one of the most dreaded of all dental treatments. Due to myths about it being more uncomfortable that other options and its supposed links to secondary complications, more dental patients would rather have a damaged tooth extracted completely than undertake this treatment.

At the Healthy Smile Centre, our dentist in Zetland is extremely experienced at performing root canals and will aim to put your mind at ease. Explaining every stage of this straightforward procedure to you and ensuring that you are completely comfortable, we aim to make your root canal with us a seamless and smooth experience.

But, what are the advantages of having a root canal performed over an extraction? Our dentist in Zetland can answer that question!


While you may think that a dental extraction is only the way to go after a tooth infection, if the infection has occurred under one of your front teeth, this can present an obvious problem.

Having our dentist in Zetland perform a root canal will allow them to clean the tooth and to save it, essentially meaning that no removal will be required.

This prevents the obvious aesthetic issue of losing one of your front teeth and prevents the need for secondary treatments like implants, bridges or dentures, which can only be an advantage.

Reduces pain

Infected teeth are uncomfortable; there are no two ways about that!

While our team will also ensure that any infection is well controlled before performing a root canal, directly after the procedure is finished, you will probably notice an instant reduction in discomfort.

Due to the infected tissue being removed and your dental nerve being protected against external stimuli, a root canal will actually reduce any associated discomfort from an infected or decayed tooth.

Stops infections

Dental infections are renowned for spreading to neighbouring teeth.

Even if you have your infected tooth removed, you will be left with an open socket, which may become infected. Also, as an extraction does not involve a deep cleaning of the root, parts of the infected tissue may remain, causing the infection to reappear.

A root canal cleans the root of the tooth thoroughly and our team will always ensure that there is no damaged tissue remaining that may cause trouble later on.

Strengthens tooth

There is a myth that a root canal will weaken the tooth that it is performed on; this is simply not true!

Once it has been completed, our team will always top off your preserved tooth with a crown or a filling, which strengthens the tooth against further damage and decay. Another benefit to this procedure.

High success rate

Have you heard that root canals are prone to failing?

This is misleading, in actual fact 10 years after they are performed, root canals still have a high success rate; the tooth should be intact, there has been no further infection and the person's smile is still unaffected.


All dental treatments carry potential risks.

Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.