Worried about needing a root canal? Five benefits of this procedure with Healthy Smile Centre

One of the most dreaded of all dental procedures, the root canal has a bad name among patients.

Stories often spread about pain during and after treatment, the field of endodontics has an unfair reputation. Indeed, before root canal therapy became commonly practiced among dental surgeries, usually the only alternative was the total extraction of the affected tooth. Understandably, if this was located near the front of the mouth, there would be a downside to treating an infected tooth with an extraction!

At Healthy Smile Centre, our dentist in Green Square is experienced in performing endodontic procedures and can help relieve any associated discomfort from an infected tooth promptly. We will aim to ensure that you are comfortable before this procedure is undertaken and will be happy to allay any fears you may have about this treatment.

But before you decide you would rather have an extraction than a root canal, please read some of the other benefits of saying yes to endodontic procedures.

Pain relief

Chances are, if you visit our dentist in Green Square and are advised to have a root canal, you have recently had a dental infection.

Not only are dental infections painful, but they are also rarely manageable at home with painkillers and so, many patients come to see our dental team with infections during our emergency appointments.

Having a root canal will not only resolve the pain relief, but it will also prevent the infection from recurring in the future.

Prevents infection from spreading

An infection in the tooth pulp can spread and cause damage to the surrounding gum tissue.

During a root canal, our dentist in Green Square will gently drill a hole into the infected tooth and clean it with specialised equipment. This aims to remove any debris or infected tissue, leaving the tooth pulp and the surrounding blood supply clean and ready for filing.

Not treating a pulp infection with this technique may result in a more tenacious infection, which will require a longer time to resolve with antibiotics. And of course, there is always the undesirable risk that it will return.

Preserves the tooth

Root canals are ingenious in that they resolve an infection and preserve the tooth.

Once our dental team has finished performing a root canal, they will often fit either a crown or a large filling over the tooth, to restore functionality and bite strength. You wouldn’t get those results with an extraction!

Cosmetically smarter option

Dental infection that impacts a tooth can affect any tooth in the mouth and may be due to a variety of different reasons.

If your infected tooth is located near the front of your mouth, you are not going to want an extraction, as it will negatively impact your smile.

A root canal can preserve your smile and allow you to maintain the entire functionality of your bite.


Endodontics, if maintained and performed correctly, can last a lifetime.

Not only that but root canals have an extremely high success rate; well over 95%!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.