Worried about smiling in photos? Our cosmetic dentists in Erskineville can help!

Many people worry about their smile. It is inevitable in some instances, especially when you are bombarded by thousands of perfect smiles in multiple media outlets on a daily basis. Feeling self-conscious about your smile can cause you to feel a range of unpleasant emotions; everything from sadness to shame. These are not great confidence boosters.

Although it is not a new idea, cosmetic dentistry has never been more popular. Due to increasing demand from patients, dentists across the globe are now able to offer a wide range of cosmetic dental work and at the Healthy Smile Centre, we are no exception.

Our dentists in Zetland can help you choose the perfect cosmetic option to give you that great smile you’ve pining for.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Obviously, the first benefit of undergoing these kinds of treatments is in the title. Cosmetic dentistry is the route to improving your confidence, as once it is completed, it will leave you tempted to flaunt your teeth to every passer-by.

Our dentists in Zetland have been told, by numerous patients we have worked with, the other benefits of undergoing cosmetic dental procedures.

Improved bite

A common reason for people to choose to undergo cosmetic dental work is because they are missing some of their natural teeth. In fact, with cosmetic dentistry becoming more popular with older demographics, our dentists in Zetland are often consulted about performing cosmetic work on people who have none of their natural teeth left.

This may sound unusual, but with life changing procedures like dental implants, dental teams are able to restore some missing teeth with ease and, with the use of prosthesis like overdentures, they can even restore an entire set of teeth.

When a person has lost some or all of their natural teeth, this can lead to impairment of their bite function; they are unable to grip food correctly and the strength of their bite is often weakened. Implants offer a permanent, immovable and natural looking solution to this, taking the problem out of eating food.

Health improvement

What is often overlooked is how a simple trip to the dentist can impact on your health.

Before you undergo any cosmetic dental work, your dentist will take a thorough look around your mouth and identify any potential issues you may have that have not been treated. Procedures performed before cosmetic dental work include things like plaque removal and fillings, both of which, if left untreated, can lead to issues like gum disease and infections.

It’s affordable

Years ago, cosmetic dental work was reserved for the stars of Hollywood. Today, dental plans have allowed patients to spread the cost over several months, taking the worry out of paying a large sum in one go.

Meaning all you have to do is worry about the best place to go to flaunt your new smile.

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All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.