Your child’s teeth and the dentist in Erskineville

Every parent is determined to give their child a good start in life, to teach them what they need to know in order to thrive and not just survive in the big wide world. One way to do this is to make sure they know how to take care of their teeth, and that their teeth are in great condition when they leave home.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are all bombarded with sugar, the mortal enemy of great teeth. Kids are offered sweet drinks and snacks out there in the world and it can be hard to protect them from the onslaught of sugar, which is seen as a special treat even though it is seemingly never off the menu.

According to the Australian government’s Institute of Health and Welfare, 42% of children aged 5-10 have experienced tooth decay and 1 in 4 have untreated tooth decay in their primary teeth.

Tooth decay in the primary teeth can spread to the adult teeth, so it’s very important that you and your dentist in Erskineville act as a team to make sure your child does not become one of these statistics.

We can help you teach your child to brush their teeth so that they remove plaque, using fun engaging techniques. As a dentist in Erskineville, we give back to the community by running monthly Healthy Smiles 4 Kids sessions at various child care centres around the area. You can find the list of child care centres that Dr Simon Lee visits on our website here.

The modern diet means that children’s jaw development may not be enough to accommodate a full set of teeth and this can lead to crowding when the adult teeth come through.

You can bring your child into the dentist in Erskineville for a consultation to make sure that their adult teeth are developing properly and that they are not developing problems with their posture or body that will affect their breathing and their teeth. If these are not treated early, your child may have to face more complex procedures later on to correct them.

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All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.