Your dentist in Erskineville is welcoming new patients

By providing our patients with a fully personalised and comprehensive hour long initial consultation, a dentist in Erskineville is able to gain a complete understanding of your general oral health and provide you with insights as to how you can better care for your teeth and gums.

We are also available to discuss with you any cosmetic work that can improve the appearance and health of your teeth and gums as well as suggest any restorative procedures that your teeth need in order to support your way of life for years to come.

We are a non judgemental and understanding team, knowing that many of you can suffer from dental anxiety from one degree to another. By providing a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere in which you can feel able to talk about your concerns and desires to your dentist in Erskineville, we wish to make your dental care experiences easier that ever before.

What do we do during your first appointment?

Here is a chance for us to get to know you, understand your medical and dental history and take a look at the current condition of your teeth. It is also a chance for you to get to know us, so that we can begin a positive relationship based on trust and understanding.

During your first appointment, you are invited to talk to us about your hopes for your smile, as well as your concerns. We talk to you about the holistic impact your mouth has on the rest of your body and take into account any underlying medical conditions that you have that, in turn, can have an affect on your teeth.

During the examination, a comprehensive examination of your bite, muscles and jaws is undertaken to assess how your teeth come together. Your jaw function and mobility, as well as you posture and the functionality of your head and neck muscles are all examined. Dentists do not only work with teeth, we are highly trained in the anatomy of the entire face and neck.

Following this, we begin to look at the condition of your teeth. The positioning, structure and if there is any decay, cracks, weakening or wear and damage. Previous work is examined for its durability and quality.

The health of your gums is looked over to make sure they are healthy and provide proper support for your teeth. An oral, head and neck cancer screening gives you an understanding of risk factors as well as peace of mind.

We talk to you about your diet and lifestyle and let you know whether we detect any adverse effects of this on your teeth and gums. By providing you with preventive care advice in a holistic manner, you are able to take control of your oral and general well-being.

By speaking to you about a bespoke treatment plan by your dentist in Erskineville that gets you moving forward in the right direction, we can create a series of steps that will suit you and your lifestyle.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.