Your first appointment at the dentist in Alexandria

Have you just moved to the Alexandria area? If so, you will no doubt have many things on your to do list. Well, let us help you check one off, and that’s finding a new dentist in Alexandria. Here at the Healthy Smile Centre, we’ve been serving patients in the suburbs of Sydney for many years and we believe we have something unique to offer.

Our dentist in Alexandria focuses on prevention, through educating patients on how to take excellent care of their teeth at home. Stick with us and there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to keep your teeth for life.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect at our dentist in Alexandria as a new patient.

A warm welcome

When you first step into the surgery, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly reception team. They can give you information about our services and book you an initial consultation appointment with our dentist in Alexandria, Dr Simon Lee.

Dr Lee takes a holistic approach to care, so as well as giving your teeth a thorough examination, he’ll also ask you questions about your lifestyle and diet. This is so he can suggest a programme of care that is unique to you and will help you get the most out of your dental treatment. For example, pregnant women are more at risk of gum disease due to raised hormone levels, so they may need to have additional check-ups.

He will also discuss with you further treatment options if necessary, including: braces, cosmetic work, dental implants and crowns.

Your child’s first check-up

If you also have a young child to consider, we recommend bringing them in for their first appointment around the age of one, once their baby teeth have come through. This may seem very young, but in our experience, if a child gets used to the dental environment from this age, they are less likely to develop dental phobia later in life.

This also gives our dentist in Alexandria the chance to assess and treat any tooth and facial development problems before the bones become set. The very latest a child should have their first check-up is aged 7.